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Towards Success with Taste and Professionalism...

Somon tartar

What Makes Us Different  

Different Vision Combination

It is the bringing together of ideas, perspectives or methods brought about by the fact that the chiefs of Flambe Consulting have graduated from different fields.

The combination of seafood and gastronomy enables the chef to have rich taste, nutritional values, different cooking techniques and diversity knowledge;

The combination of tourism and gastronomy has an important relationship that increases cultural interaction, contributes to the local economy and enriches the travel experience of tourists.

The meeting of mathematics and gastronomy, on the other hand, contributes to cost calculation, analytical thinking ability, managing risk analysis, and restaurant systems installation and operation. 

Academic Career 

The preferred approach of the Flambe Consulting team is to create a team where academic background and knowledge are concentrated in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts. Having everyone as a graduate lecturer can increase the team's expertise and enable them to offer a more qualified and competent approach to consulting services.

In addition, choosing their colleagues from among those who have graduated from the gastronomy department or are students in this field can increase the sharing of knowledge and experience within the team. In this way, more comprehensive and up-to-date consultancy services can be offered by bringing together the contributions of both academic experts and new generation talents.


A working system focused on reducing environmental impacts and providing social benefits by promoting practices such as sustainable gastronomy, using local products, reducing food waste, environmentally friendly farming methods and fair trade 

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